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Unit5 If you go to the party, you’ll have a good time!阅读训练
Passage 1
The children of Mr and Mrs Harley invite you,
Mr and Mrs William,
to a party!
Join us for food, fun, and a crazy time to celebrate (庆祝):
The 80th birthday of Julia Harley
On Friday, October 25th
From 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm
At Central Park
Remember to bring your dancing shoes and swimsuits. Call or e-mail us
for directions (行路指引) to the party or to arrange (安排) a ride.
Tel: 012-66794358
E-mail: Samharley@sina.com.cn
(    )1. Who will be the guests (客人) at the party?
A. Mr and Mrs Harley.     B. Mr and Mrs William.
C. The children of Mr William.   D. The children of Mr Harleys.
(    )2. What will they do at the party?
A. ride a bike  B. buy a swimsuit  C. swim and dance  D. ask for directions
(    )3. People without a car ______ to the party.
A. can’t go   B. can’t get a ride  C. can write a letter  D. can ask for a ride
(    )4. The invitation does not include_______.
A. directions B. a phone number  C. a time and a date   D. an e-mail address
(    )5. Which of the following is NOT true?
A. They will have a lot of things to eat.
B. Julia Harley will be eighty years old.
C. They will have the party at Central Park.
D. The party will last (持续) for seven hours.  

Passage 2
He is quiet and shy. He likes to hide (隐藏) his eyes behind his hair. He doesn’t    1    very often. However, if you talk to him about    2   , he will have a lot to say.
 This is Jay Chou, the pop music singer. His fans were very    3   when he sang songs in Beijing in September in 2003. Those songs were from his album (专辑) Ye Huimei, which came out in July and was named after his    4   .
Jay Chou grew up with his mother Ye Huimei, a teacher. He did not    5   much and did badly in many school subjects.
His mother found the boy’s special interest in music and sent him to learn piano    6   the age of three. He    7    it and kept on practicing.
Jay Chou is not very handsome (英俊的). He doesn’t speak clearly when he sings.   8    he has huge crowds (人群) of fans. Liu Jiajun, a high school student in Beijing said that Jay Chou is really good at music, and it    9   him attractive (有魅力的) to her. “He is true to himself. He     10   follows others,” said Zhang Yujie, a middle school girl in Sihong, Jiangsu Province.
(     ) 1.A.sing  B. write   C. cry   D. smile
(     ) 2.A.history  B. geography  C. music   D. art
(     ) 3.A. worried B. excited  C. surprised  D. bored
(     ) 4.A.father  B. mother   C. friend   D. teacher
(     ) 5.A.talk  B. say   C. speak   D. tell
(     ) 6.A.in   B. with   C. for   D. at
(     ) 7.A.loved  B. hated   C. missed   D. disliked
(     ) 8.A.Because B. But   C. So         D. Though
(     ) 9.A.brings  B. takes   C. makes   D. becomes
(     ) 10.A.never  B. sometimes  C. often   D. always

Passage 3
May I have your attention, please?I have a few things to tell you. When you have lessons in the language lab, remember the rules for English listening class.
◇Don’t be late for class. If you ___1___ (come) two minutes later, the teacher ___2___ (not) let you in.
◇Change your shoes before entering the lab. If you ___3___ (not) do that, the floor in the lab will be dirty. Don’t run and fight in the hallways. If you do that, the teacher ___4___ (ask) you to go out.
◇Don’t bring anything here except your textbook. And don’t eat in the language lab. (6) If you do those, the teacher will ask you to leave.
◇When you are in, please don’t touch the machines without permission (允许). (7) Don’t listen to music in the hallways or in the language lab. If you do those, you will have to leave.
◇Always do as the teacher tells you to. In class you should only speak English, not Chinese. If you don’t do that, the teacher ___5___(be) unhappy.
◇When class is over, turn off your machines and leave the lab one by one. If you don’t do those, perhaps the machines will be broken. And you will be fined (罚款).
⑴             ⑵             ⑶            ⑷             ⑸          

3. 判断下面正(T)误(F)。
⑻ Before entering the lab, you should change your shoes.    ______
⑼ You can touch the machines when you are in the lab.    ______
⑽ If you don’t turn off the machines, they will probably be broken.  ______

Passage 4
If you want a successful party, you can plan ahead.
Decide what food you will serve (供给) according to the time of the party. If you hold the party in the middle of the morning or afternoon, snacks will be fine. Think about how many people are coming, and then prepare (准备) two or three kinds of desert for the party, such as cakes.
Prepare as much food for the party as you can before the party. Make use of your fridge if you have one, as you really don’t want to do much cooking on the day.
Discuss with your friends about what kind of food they would like. If you are having a theme (主题) party, this may help to decide the kind of food that you might choose.
Ask yourself how much time you have, how good your cooking skills are and how much money you will spend. Both shop-bought and home-made party foods are good choices.
Where are you going to set up the food table and where do you want your friends to eat?
Remember, if it’s a buffet (自助餐), the guests will need somewhere to sit. Prepare a big table for all your friends to sit at and have an indoor picnic (野餐) if it’s too wet or cold to be outdoors.
(     ) 1. How many kinds of party is the passage mentioned?
A. One.      B. Two.   C. Three.    D. Four.
(     ) 2. We can probably read this passage in a______.
A. notebook  B. magazine  C. story-book   D. science fiction
(     ) 3. Celia needs to decide the following for the party except ________.
A. when to have the party   B. what to have at the party 
C. where to have the party   D. whom to have the party for
(     ) 4. What’s the Chinese for the underlined word“choices”?
A. 决定     B. 机会   C. 选择     D. 价格
(     ) 5. Which of the following is NOT true?
A. It’s better to prepare as much food as you can if you don’t have a fridge.
B. It’s better to discuss with your friends about what kind of food to choose.
C. If we have the party in the middle of the morning or afternoon, we can serve snacks.
D. If the weather is too wet or cold, we need to prepare a big table for an indoor picnic.

Passage 5
The parents can buy everything the children want to have. If they go on the habits, the children won’t know the    1   coming from hard work. When they grow up, they will not    2     money.
Some parents like having birthday parties   3   their children. If they keep on having birthday parties, the children will think they   4   enjoy the birthday parties every year. Years after years, maybe they forget their parents’ birthdays and only remember   5   . It is against traditional habits. Perhaps the children won’t protect (保护) their parents after they grow up.
 Many parents don’t let the children    6   . They think children have only one thing to     7   . They should study hard and be good at their lessons. If parents go on doing this, the children will think they should have only opening their    8   to be fed and handing out their hands to be dressed(饭来张口,衣来伸手)every day. The children dislike cleaning the floor and the desks   9   they find a job. Parents should teach the children how to do chores because it can make them    10   and help them like work.
(    ) 1. A. food   B. money    C. books   D. tickets
(    ) 2. A. save   B. make    C. take   D. spend
(    ) 3. A. with   B. on    C. in    D. for
(    ) 4. A. can   B. should    C. would   D. may
(    ) 5. A. them   B. they    C. themselves  D. theirs
(    ) 6. A. watch TV  B. do chores    C. go skating  D. talk on the phone
(    ) 7. A. say   B. buy    C. do   D. see
(    ) 8. A. mouths  B. eyes    C. arms   D. hands
(    ) 9. A. if    B. after    C. before   D. because
(    ) 10. A. nervous  B. lucky    C. healthy  D. sad

Passage 6
导读:将来上大学的时候,你是选择自己感兴趣的专业,还是比较容易赚钱的专业?听一听下面学生的谈话,判断文后各题正“T ”和误“ F ”.
For love or for money
Some students from Hefei No.45 Middle School talk about what major to choose in university, they have different opinions. Some students think interests should come first, while others think money is more important. Here are their views:

Shen Jie, Choosing a major in university means choosing what we’ll do for the rest(剩余) of our lives. So we should be really careful. I will choose the major I’m interested in. I want my life to be fun, not to work as a machine. I dream of being a writer, so I will choose Chinese language and literature(文学) as my major.

Zhang Junkan,Only when you choose something you really love and have interest in, can you learn it well. So I will choose the major I’m interested in. That way, it will be easier for me to get some achievements in the field(领域). I want to be a scientist in the future. I will work hard to make my dream come true.

Zhao Xueyu,When talking about money, it doesn’t always mean that you’re vain(虚弱的) or money-worshipping(拜金的). It’s practical(实际的) because everyone wants to have a good life. You may want to study abroad(国外). But if your parents don’t have well-paid jobs, your dream will die. I want to be a businessman in the future.

Cai Wenfei,Some adults tell me that a job is a job. When you are doing something for a living, it doesn’t matter if you like it. I kind of agree with that. Sometimes dreams have to take second place to something else. Maybe I  can keep up interests in my free time.

(    ) 1. Zhao Xueyu wants to be a scientist in the future because he thinks money is important..
(    ) 2. Shen Jie will choose the major she’s interested in because she wants her life to be fun.
(    ) 3. Zhang Junkan thinks interests should come first.
(    ) 4. Cai Wenfei thinks if your parents don’t have well-paid jobs, your dream can’t come true.
(    ) 5. Zhao Xueyu wants to be a businessman and then study abroad.

Passage 7
导读:同学们读过《世界因你不同》一书吗? 他是成功人事李开复先生的自传,你们一定想知道他成名背后的故事吧?
Kaifu Li likes to do two things at the same time. He makes phone calls on his way to work. He reads reports while eating lunch. He takes interviews in the elevator.
Lee, 48, a busy man. He’s even busier these days. In early September 2009, the then-president (当前总裁) of Google China quit his job. He started his own company, Innovation Works. The company helps China’s young people to start their own businesses.
It wasn’t the first time that Lee made bold (大胆的) decisions in his career (职业生涯). In1990, at 28, Lee was the youngest associate professor  at Carnegie Mellon University in the US. With a few more years at the university, he could have kept his job for life. But he decided to join Apple Inc. He became a computer engineer and started to“change the world”.
By 2005, Lee was already the vice-president of Microsoft Research Asia. He heard that Google Inc was coming to China. He thought it was a great opportunity (机会). So he left Microsoft and joined Google.
With every choice he made, he challenged (挑战) himself in a new way. He followed his dream. And now he wants to help China’s young people to follow their own dreams.
Lee’s new autobiography (自传), Making A World of Difference, came out last week.
(     ) 1. Kaifu Lee likes to ________.
A. read reports      B. make phone calls 
C. take interviews         D. do two things at the same time
(     ) 2. Lee started Innovation Works to _________.
A. make more money      B. show how bold he is
C. help Chinese youth     D. become well- known 
(     ) 3. What does the “quit” mean in English?
A. choose    B. drop   C. start   D. change
(     ) 4. According to the story, Lee _______.
A. is kind and funny     B. enjoys helping others  
C. is busy and happy     D. often challenges himself
(     ) 5. Put the following events in the right order:
a. Lee worked as the president of Google.
b. Lee published (出版) his autobiography.
c. Lee taught at Carnegie Mellon University.
d. Lee became a computer engineer at Apple Inc.
e. Lee started his own company, Innovation Works.
A. e-c-a-d-b   B. e-c-b-a-d  C. c-d-a-e-b  D. c-b-a-e-d

Unit 5  If you go to the party, you’ll have a good time!答案
Passage 1  
1. B细节理解题 从Mr and Mrs Harley invite you,Mr and Mrs William可知, 故选B。
2. C细节理解题  从remember to bring your dancing shoes and swimsuits可知, 故选C。
3. D细节理解题  从arrange(安排) a ride可知, 故选D。
4. A细节理解题  从Call or e-mail us for directions可知, 故选A。
5. D推理判断题 此题为简单的推理,从from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm可知是6小时, 故选D。

Passage 2  
D本题考查动词。从上下文可知,周杰伦不常smile “ 微笑”。
C 本题考查名词。周杰伦喜欢音乐,谈到此,他有很多可说。
B 本题考查形容词。歌迷们听他唱歌肯定感到excited。
B本题考查名词。他的专辑叫“Ye Huimei”,所以是以他母亲命名的。
A 本题考查动词辨析。talk “与人交谈”,say “说,强调说的内容”, speak “强调说某种语言”, tell “告诉某人…” 这里指周杰伦言语不多,不常与人交谈。

Passage 3  
1.come  2.won’t  3. don’t  4. will ask  5. will be 
(1-5) 都考查动词。If引导的条件状语从句,主句一般将来时态,从句用一般现在时态。     
6. 如果你那样做的话,老师会要求你离开。
7. 不要在走廊里或者在语音教室里听音乐。 如果那样做的话,你必须离开。
8.T  从Change your shoes before entering the lab.可知。
9.F  从When you are in, please don’t touch the machines without permission.可知。
10. T 从If you don’t do those, perhaps the machines will be broken.可知。

Passage 4  
B推理判断题 此题为简单的推理,从文中可知a themeparty 和a buffet两种,故选B。
B推理判断题 根据文章可以判断出此处选B。
D推理判断题 根据文章可以判断出此处选D。
C词义猜测题shop-bought and home-made party foods是两种可以选择的食物,故选C。
5.  A细节理解题 从Prepare as much food for the party as you can before the party. Make use of your fridge if you have one, as you really don’t want to do much cooking on the day.可知,若你不想自己做太多菜的话,那就多准备些食物,而且好好利用你的冰箱存放食物。故选A。

Passage 5  
D 本题考查代词。孩子们习以为常,就会只记得他们自己的生日,theirs= their birthdays。
C 本题考查动词。从上下文可知,父母认为孩子只有一件事要做。
C 本题考查形容词。父母应该要让孩子学会自立,自理等,让他们健康成长。

Passage 6

Passage 7  
D 细节理解题 从文中第一段可知此题选D。
C 细节理解题 从文中第二段最后一句可知此题选C。
B 词义猜测题 从后句的He started his own company, Innovation Works可知此题选B。
D 推理判断题 此篇文章旨在告诉我们李开复的创业精神,故选D。
C 细节理解题 从文中找出这些句子可知此题选C。
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