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第一部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分45分)
第一节 单项填空(共15小题;每小题1分,满分15分)
1.A lot of small countries like Singapore depend on ________ because of their beautiful scenes.
A.agriculture       B.industry         C.tourism         D.market
答案 C
解析 考查名词词义辨析。句意为:很多像新加坡这样的小国的经济发展依靠旅游业,因为它们有着美丽的风景。tourism旅游业;agriculture农业;industry工业;market市场。
2.As we all know,the bald eagle is the symbol of America and ________ the USA.
A.signs            B.represents       C.shows          D.stands
答案 B
3.He is cool toward strangers,but with his friends he really ________.
A.comes to life      B.comes about     C.comes up        D.comes out
答案 A
解析 考查come短语辨析。句意为:他对陌生人很冷淡,但是和朋友在一起时就很活跃。come to life苏醒;活跃起来;come about发生;come up走近;上来;come out出来;出版。故选A。
4.It’s ________ that you’ve got a headache,because you drank too much last night.
A.no doubt          B.no sense        C.no need        D.no wonder
答案 D
5.To make sure that he was at home,I called him up ________.
A.by chance         B.in general        C.at ease        D.in advance
答案 D
6.Tom likes reading books,and in his room you can see a ________ of books on ________ fields.
A.variety;variable                       B.variation;variable
C.variety;various                        D.variation;various
答案 C
解析 考查词义辨析。句意为:汤姆喜欢读书,在他房间里你可以看到许多关于不同领域的书。variety n.多样性;种类;a variety of许多;variable adj.可变的;易变的;variation n.变化;various adj.不同的;各种各样的。故只有C项正确。
7.The tower is ________ because it is the oldest one in the world.
A.same             B.unique          C.tall          D.real
答案 B
8.Less than twenty percent of the employees in their company are women.That is to say,women are in the ________.
A.majority           B.activity         C.probability    D.minority
答案 D
9.He became internationally ________ his novels and poetry.
A.famous for         B.famous as        C.known as     D.known to
答案 A
解析 考查短语辨析。句意为:他因为他的小说和诗歌而变得世界闻名。be famous for因为……而出名;be famous/known as作为……而出名;be known to为某人所熟知。结合句意,故选A。
10.—Excuse me,can you tell me where the nearest bank is?
—________ Oh,yes!It’s past the post office,next to a market.
A.Mm,let me think.                      B.Oh,I beg your pardon?
C.You’re welcome.                        D.What do you mean?
答案 A
11.Not only I but also David and John ________ fond of playing football.
A.am               B.is                C.are           D.was
答案 C
解析 考查主谓一致。当not only...but also连接两个主语时,谓语应与最近的主语保持一致。本题中,最近的主语是David and John,故谓语要用复数形式,只能选C。
12.In summer,large crops of fruits may be ________ by freezing or bottling.
A.preserved          B.made             C.protected      D.transported
答案 A
13.There are many toys,and you can take ________ you like.
A.no matter which     B.whichever         C.which        D.whatever
答案 B
14.There is only one ________ doctor and several ________ nurses in this hospital.
A.man;woman                            B.man;women
C.men;woman                            D.men;women
答案 B
解析 句意为:这所医院里只有一个男医生和几个女护士。当man和woman作定语修饰名词时,若被修饰的名词是单数,则它们也用单数;若被修饰的名词是复数,它们则用复数。但其他名词作定语时,不论被修饰的名词是单数还是复数,作定语的名词一般用单数。从第一空的one可以看出后面接单数的可数名词,C和D项中的men都是复数形式,故排除;第二个空后的nurses是可数名词的复数,其前面要用woman的复数形式。
15.________,the car stopped at once.
A.Seeing a boy lying on the road
B.On seeing a boy lying on the road
C.The driver saw a boy lying on the road
D.The minute the driver saw a boy lying on the road
答案 D
解析 句意为:司机一看见一个男孩在路上躺着,立即停下车来。因整个主句的主语是the car,发不出see这个动作,故状语中需出现see的真正主语,从而排除A、B。C项与主句没有连词连接。the minute相当于as soon as。

第二节 完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)
The Chinese Kung Fu Star TV Contest,organized by the Shaolin Temple and the Shenzhen Satellite TV Station,began in March this year and has __16__ countless kung fu fans from around the world.
The masters got to the __17__ stage of the contest by taking out the first three places in each of its six __18__ competitions in the United States,Russia,Australia,France,Germany and Italy,and in the five __19__ held in China.
It is said __20__ the competitors will have the temple’s 18 arhats,Luohan in Chinese,__21__ their teachers,who will __22__ unique kung fu skills and give lectures on Buddhist thought and kung fu history.
The competitors must __23__ the temple rules by wearing the kasaya(袈裟),eating __24__ meals and shaving their heads and facial hair during their seclusion(闭关).And __25__ had been no easy task to gather the international “kung fu stars”.
Elie Saade,a Lebanese master who __26__ a place in the top three in the Italian contest,lost __27__ with the organizer after his city was destroyed by Israeli troops last month.The __28__ committee got in touch with Chen Zhaoyang,Saade’s coach for help.Chen __29__ to track down Saade and he arrived at the Shaolin Temple on Friday morning.
__30__ the seclusion period is over,the 37 __31__ will take part in a great ceremony to __32__ the occasion.
They will give demonstrations and __33__ with the kung fu monks at the temple before they __34__ for Guzhang County in Hunan Province and Shenzhen in Guangdong Province to compete for the __35__ of “World No.1 Kung Fu Master”.
16.A.informed         B.drawn          C.performed       D.checked
答案 B
解析 draw在此表示“吸引”,即这场比赛吸引了许多来自世界各地的武术迷。
17.A.first             B.back           C.front            D.final
答案 D
解析 评出各场比赛的前三名后,选手们到了比赛的最后阶段。
18.A.international       B.national        C.Chinese         D.American
答案 A
解析 根据句子中的“...the United States,Russia,Australia,France,Germany and Italy...”可以知道这场比赛是国际性的。
19.A.things             B.matters        C.affairs          D.events
答案 D
解析 event可以表示比赛项目,其他几个表示“事情”的单词均没有此意。
20.A.what              B.which          C.that          D.when
答案 C
解析 that在该句中引导一个主语从句。
21.A.with              B.at              C.as            D.to
答案 C
解析 have...as是一个固定短语,意思是“把……看作”。
22.A.pass on            B.learn up         C.addict to      D.work on
答案 A
解析 本题考查动词短语。pass on的含义是“传递”;addict to意思是“沉溺于……,迷恋……”;work on则是“继续工作,做……”。
23.A.follow             B.establish         C.give         D.remember
答案 A
解析 follow the temple rules的意思是“遵守寺院的规定”。
24.A.delicious           B.vegetarian        C.meaty       D.poor
答案 B
解析 既然在寺院里,当然要吃素食。
25.A.it                 B.that             C.this         D.those
答案 A
解析 本题考查it作形式主语的用法。其他几个代词均不能作形式主语。
26.A.beat          B.defeat            C.won           D.accepted
答案 C
解析 动词beat和defeat的含义是“击败”,其宾语是人或队;而win则表示“获得,赢得”,后接place,prize等表示物的名词。
27.A.heart          B.interest          C.confidence      D.contact
答案 D
解析 lose contact with sb.与某人失去联系。
28.A.organized                         B.organizing
C.organizes                            D.organize
答案 B
解析 organize与committee之间存在逻辑上的主谓关系,应该用现在分词作定语。the organizing committee的含义是“组织委员会”。
29.A.managed  B.tried  C.failed  D.succeeded
答案 A
解析 manage to do sth.是“设法做成某事”,侧重事情的成功;try to do sth.是“尽力去做某事”,但未必成功。
30.A.Before  B.Until  C.During  D.After
答案 D
解析 应该是闭关过后,将参加一场庆祝仪式。
31.A.players  B.monks  C.judges  D.arhats
答案 A
解析 由上文可推知是比赛选手进行闭关,因此应是37位比赛选手参加盛大的庆祝仪式。
32.A.respect  B.admire  C.mark  D.inspire
答案 C
解析 mark表示“纪念”。
33.A.compare  B.compete  C.complete  D.fight
答案 B
解析 compete with的含义是“与……进行比赛”。
34.A.arrive  B.reach  C.leave  D.set
答案 C
解析 表示“出发去某处”应用词组leave for或set out/off for。
35.A.competition     B.contest      C.reward     D.title
答案 D
解析 “World No.1 Kung Fu Master”应是一个头衔。

第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)
Ben and his wife Susan were on their way to have dinner with their friends.It was a dark,windy night,and they did not know the way very well.They drove through a town until they found what they thought was the road to Dorling,where their friends lived.But it soon became clear that they were not on the road to Dorling at all.The road that they were on was getting narrower,and there were no other cars on it.The wind was blowing harder with every minute that passed.
They came to a small village.They drove past a church and then two houses without lights on.There was nobody about to tell them where they were,or where the road went.Just then,Ben saw a telephone box,twenty meters or so further on.While he walked back along the road to see if there was a name outside the church,Susan telephoned their friends and told them that they were still on their way.
Their friends were just saying that the dinner was already getting rather cold,when Ben came back to the telephone box,his head down against the wind.He said that there was a tree lying across the road,and that the telephone lines were down.Susan heard nothing more from their friends about the dinner.
36.Some time later Ben and Susan found they took a wrong road because ________.
A.their friends lived nearer than they drove
B.the road was getting narrower and their car alone was on it
C.the hard wind made them get lost
D.the road was not the same as before
答案 B
解析 根据第一段后半部分可知,道路越来越窄,而且路上没有别的车辆,这时他们意识到路线错了。
37.Ben went to the church to see if there was a name outside because ________.
A.he was sure to find some people who knew Dorling
B.he hoped to get help from there
C.he wanted to telephone his friends where they were
D.he wanted to stay there for the night
答案 C
解析 根据第二段得知,他们是想告诉朋友自己的位置。
38.Susan could hear nothing more from their friends because ________.
A.the telephone lines were broken by a tree
B.the strong wind made too much noise
C.they got angry
D.they had all left
答案 A
解析 根据最后一段倒数第二句话可知,风很大,电话线断了,所以Susan听不到更多内容了。
39.From the passage we know ________.
A.Ben and his wife often went out for dinners
B.Ben and his wife lived in the country
C.both Ben and his wife were short­sighted(近视的)
D.Ben and his wife seldom(很少) went to Dorling
答案 D
解析 根据前两段可知,他们很少去Dorling,以致走错路线而误事。
The Temple of Heaven lies in the southern part of the city of Beijing.It was built in 1420,covering an area of 273 hectares(公顷).
The temple was the place where the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties worshipped(崇拜) heaven and prayed for good harvests.They came here twice a year,on the 15th day of the first lunar month and also in winter.After 1530 when the temple was built in the northern suburbs,only heaven was worshipped in the temple.
The Temple of Heaven is regarded as one of the greatest architectural structures in the world.Some environmental artists and gardeners describe the temple as a place where people can talk to heaven.In Beijing four imperial(皇帝的) temples were built during the Ming and Qing dynasties(1368~1911).At the southern end of the city axis(轴) is the Temple of Heaven.It is the most important of the four.The other three are the Altar(祭坛) of Earth in the north,the Altar of Moon in the west,and the Altar of Sun in the east just behind the Beijing Friendship Store.All of them are still standing,but the Temple of Heaven is the largest group of temple buildings of its kind in China,nearly four times larger than the Forbidden City(紫禁城).The whole building was designed in a way that makes you close to heaven.
In making the heaven­like structures,the designers made good use of the colours,sounds,figures of the circle and the square,and changes in its height.The combination of the building and the garden helps to make it appear mysterious and magical.The temple’s architecture has two themes(主题).One is “on the earth” while the other is “in the heaven”.The square­shaped palace for fasting(斋戒) in the west of the temple appears like a “forbidden city” in a smaller size.
In imperial days,the Chinese people believed that the sky was in circular(圆形的) shape and then the earth was square.On the basis of this traditional(传统的) concept(思想),the circle was widely adopted(采用) in the design of the temple’s main buildings.It is in accord with people’s imagination of heaven.
40.The Temple of Heaven was a place where the emperors worshipped ________.
A.God and prayed for safety
B.Jesus and asked for mercy
C.heaven and prayed for good harvests
D.the Buddha and prayed for wealth
答案 C
解析 见第二段的第一句。从文章中的“...the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties worshipped heaven and prayed for good harvests.”我们可以知道它是明清两代皇帝拜天和祈祷丰收的地方。
41.The Temple of Heaven is regarded as one of the greatest ________.
A.monuments                       B.museums
C.memorial halls                     D.architectural structures
答案 D
解析 见文章第三段的第一句。
42.In Beijing ________ imperial temples were built during the Ming and Qing dynasties.
A.three             B.four          C.no           D.a lot of
答案 B
解析 在文章第三段中有介绍,明清时期的北京建筑有四坛。它们是the Temple of Heaven,the Altar of Earth,the Altar of Moon和the Altar of Sun,而天坛是最大的,也是最重要的。
43.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?
A.The Temple of Heaven is designed by using the modern technology.
B.The Temple of Heaven is the same size as the Forbidden City.
C.The designers of the Temple of Heaven are very outstanding.
D.The Temple of Heaven is not the best place to visit.
答案 C
解析 从文章中的叙述可知答案C正确,从“the designers made good use of the colours,sounds,figures of the circle and the square”可知设计者能够充分地把色、声和形完美地结合在一起。
American comedian Kin Hubbard would say,“Don’t knock the weather.If it didn’t change,nine out of ten people wouldn’t be able to start a conversation.”He has a point.
After all,how many of us can say that we’ve never had to mention how hot,cold,or wet it is just to get out of silence?
Of course,the weather is not the only thing we talk about when we make small talk in the office or in public.The shocking state of public transport,last night’s TV,even David Beckham’s latest hairdo are all favorite topics for passing the time with workmates.
Still,although it’s easy to laugh at small talk for being pointless,in fact,it’s more important than you think.Many people find small talk painful,but its absence can be equally unsettling(令人不安的).Amy Leonard discovered this when she took a summer job as a receptionist(接待员) at a swimming pool.
“One of the people I had to work with hardly ever said anything,”she explains.“She wasn’t shy;she just didn’t speak,I used to try and start conversations but she wouldn’t talk back.In the end,the two of us used to sit there in silence.She didn’t seem to notice anything was wrong but for me it was terrible.”
Lesley Everett,a consultant(顾问) who advises people on how to behave in their personal and professional lives,says,“In some ways,it’s worse if a woman doesn’t make small talk.We expect men to find it more difficult.”She says,“But small talk is very important.It’s about creating a good impression and building relationships.For those who find small talk difficult,a smile and lots of eye­contact are a good way to get other people to speak to you first.”
“People like talking about themselves,so if you can remember anything about someone from the last time you met where they went on holiday or whatever bring it up,”she says.“It’s also important to read the papers.You can always talk about something you read that day.Steer_clear_of politics or racism.You don’t know if you’ll offend the other person.”
44.What Kin Hubbard said suggests________.
A.people have nothing to talk about except the weather
B.the changes of the weather have affected people’s life
C.the weather plays an important role in people’s life
D.people waste too much time talking about the weather
答案 C
解析 句意理解题。由第三段第一句可排除A,本文没有涉及B、D内容,根据第二段可知人们大多数是以天气为话题来打破沉默开始谈话的。
45.The author________small talk in public places.
B.shows great interest in
C.finds it useful to make
D.shows no opinion to
答案 C
解析 主旨大意题。从第五、六段可以看出作者认同专家的观点,认为在公共场所里small talk还是很重要的,可以帮助建立良好的关系。
46.Amy Leonard’s experience as a receptionist implies that________.
A.the work is dull
B.she was too shy to talk with others
C.she was a girl who couldn’t live in silence
D.people might feel uncomfortable without small talk
答案 D
解析 推理判断题。由第五段最后一句可知Amy的同事的沉默寡言让她感觉不舒服。
47.We can draw a conclusion that________.
A.men are better at small talk than women
B.people can’t start conversation without small talk
C.small talk is the key to getting along with others
D.small talk is not the only way to communicate
答案 C
解析 概括归纳题。由第六段第三句可排除A,综观全文不难看出作者的写作意图在于讲述small talk在日常交际中的重要性。
If there is one thing I’m sure about,it is that a hundred years later we will still be reading newspapers.It is not that newspapers are a necessity.Even now some people get most of their news from television or radio.Many buy a paper only on Saturdays or Sundays.But for most people,reading a newspaper has become a habit passed down from generation to generation.
The nature of what is news may change.What basically makes news is what affects our lives—the big political stories,the coverage of the wars,earthquakes and other disasters,will continue much the same.I think there will be more coverage of scientific research,though,the research happening in areas that may directly affect our lives,like genetic(基因) engineering.In the future,I think there will be more coverage of scientific explanations of why we feel as we do—as we develop a better understanding of how the brain operates and what our feelings really are.
It’s quite possible that in the next century,newspapers will be transmitted electronically from the Fleet Street and printed out in our own home.In fact,I’m pretty sure how it will happen in the future.You will probably be able to choose from a menu and make up your own newspaper by picking out the things you want to read—say,sports,international news,ect.
I think people have got it wrong when they talk about competition between the different media.They actually feed_off each other.Some people once foresaw that television would kill off newspapers,but that hasn’t happened.What is read on the printed page lasts longer than pictures flashed up on a screen or sounds lost in the air.And as for the Internet,it’s never really pleasant to read something just on a screen.
48.What is the best title for the passage?
A.The Best Way to Get News
B.The Changes of Media
C.Make Your Own Newspaper
D.The Future of Newspaper
答案 D
解析 主旨题。从文章第一句:一百年后人们仍要读报,到后面文章讲到报纸跟人们生活的关系,报纸的形式和内容,可归纳出此题的答案为D。
49.In the writer’s opinion,in the future________.
A.more big political affairs,wars and disasters will make news
B.newspapers will not be printed in publishing houses any longer
C.newspapers will cover more scientific research
D.more and more people will read newspapers
答案 C
解析 细节题。根据文章第二段“I think there will be more coverage of scientific research,though,...”可推知此题答案为C。
50.What will probably be on in the newspaper made by yourself?
A.Sports and international news.
B.A menu of important news.
C.The most important news.
D.What you are interested in.
答案 D
解析 推断题。从文章第三段最后一句“You will probably be able to choose from a menu and make up your own newspaper by picking out the things you want to read...”可推知此题答案为D。
When I was a kid my parents sent me to a summer camp in New Hampshire.__51__At the camp we did tons of great things like swimming, sports, and archery, but for me, the most memorable experience was an overnight trip of mountain climbing.If you’ve ever hiked a mountain, you know it’s a physical challenge, especially when you’re carrying your food and shelter on your back.__52__
“How much farther is it?”
“My pack is too heavy.Can you carry it for me?”
The reply of the teachers was, “Suck it up.” The truth is, the complaining campers were nowhere near the point of exhaustion.If they had been, the teachers would have noticed the signs and given them care.__53__Once they realized they weren’t getting any sympathy they overcame the discomfort, and in most cases ended up having a great time.
__54__You can complain, or you can make the best of it.If you complain, you might feel like you’re getting the negative energy out, but you’re probably not going to cause a positive change.It’s much more likely that your complaining will arouse the dislike of those around you.
No one likes a complainer.Complaining makes life harder for everyone.__55__
A.The summer camp was interesting but full of complaint.
B.The kids simply weren’t used to the physical challenge.
C.It’s no use complaining and it can’t bring us what we want.
D.This was a great experience for me.
E.There are two ways to deal with an unpleasant situation.
F.When campers got tired, they certainly started complaining.
G.We should complain less and make more effort.
答案 51.D 52.F 53.B 54.E 55.G

第三部分 写作(共两节,满分35分)
第一节 短文改错(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)
Chinese students celebrate their birthdays in different ways,(and but) the most common way (was is) to hold a birthday party,when friends get together (∧ to) have fun,drink,sing and dance.On the birthday,one (usual usually) receives nice gifts and good wishes from others.Sometimes,(parent parents) will prepare a special dinner or a cake to show their love for their children.Since (birthday’s birthday) celebration is one of the important (activity activities) in one’s life,it can be done in more meaningful ways.For an\  example we can buy some flowers or cook a delicious meal for (us our) parents.Thus,we express thanks to our parents in return (∧ for) their love.

第二节 书面表达(满分25分)
范围:9个省、自治区(autonomous regions)、1个直辖市(municipality)。
New Development for Western China
The Chinese government has recently decided to develop western China.
New Development for Western China
The Chinese government has recently decided to develop western China.This part of China includes nine provinces and autonomous regions and one municipality,covering an area of 5.4 million square kilometers with a population of 285 million.
The government will pay special attention to its transportation.Some highways and railways will be built.To protect the nature,farmers will return farmland to forest.Also,the western China is rich in natural resources,which can be exploited and made full use of.To meet the need of development,all kinds of experts and skilled workers are to be brought in.
We are sure that the development will be a great success,and western China will take on a new look.