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第一部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分45分)

第一节 单项填空(共15小题;每小题1分,满分15分)


1.It is reported that a bus went out of ________ control on a highway ________ south of the city last night.

A./; / B./; the C.the; / D.the; the

2.—Where have you been recently?

—I ________ in Beijing on business for a week last month.

A.have worked B.was working

C.have been working D.worked

3.—Has Sam finished his homework today, Anne?

—I have no idea. But he ________ it this morning.

A.did B.had done

C.was doing D.had done

4.When I arrived I saw the place was already ________ by two strangers in uniforms.

A.conquered B.occupied

C.possessed D.owned

5.So desperate ________ that no one could help another, each ________ to save himself and his animals.

A.was the situation; was trying

B.the situation was; trying

C.the situation was; was trying

D.was the situation; trying

6.________, I believe, and you will find Tom is very outgoing.

A.Having a talk with the student

B.One talk with the student

C.Given a talk with the student

D.If you have a talk with the student

7.—Cheer up! Have another go, OK?


A.With pleasure B.Fine, thank you

C.Good idea D.Never mind

8.The employment rate has continued to rise in big cities thanks to the efforts of the local governments to increase________.

A. them B. those C. it D. that

9.—I left my handbag on the train, but luckily someone gave it to a railway official.

—How unbelievable to get it back! I mean, someone________ it.

A.will have stolen B.might have stolen

C.should have stolen D.must have stolen

10.The success of a government should be measured ________ the health and happiness of the people as well as the development of economy.

A.in face of B.in place of

C.in terms of D.in line with

11.I walked up to the top of the hill with my friends,________we enjoyed a splendid view of the lake.

A.which B.where

C.who D.that

12.Man must keep in mind that it will be years ________ the earth recovers from the damage he makes to it.

A.when B.before C.since D.until

13.Part of the family________out on holiday. They are supposed to be back at the end of this month.

A.is B.are C.was D.were

14.The more careful you are while writing a composition,________.

A.you make the fewer mistakes

B.the few mistakes would you make

C.the fewer mistakes you will make

D.fewer mistakes will be made

15.At the evening party the host said ________ was able to solve the riddle could get a nice present as a reward.

A.whoever B.who

C.no matter who D.whomever

第二节 完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)


A serious car crash leads one woman to rediscover her faith in human kindness.

In March last year, the car I was driving was__16__in a serious crash with another car on a country road. I soon__17__myself at the centre of a frenzy of activity, surrounded by paramedics, police, rescuers and members of the local community. An enormous can opener was used to__18__me out of my wrecked car and__19__an ambulance.

Over the next eight hours, I was transported to hospital, dragged up, X­rayed and diagnosed (诊断) with a broken neck. Knowing that I'd__20__death by a fraction of a second sustained me throughout the long wait in the emergency ward and__21__me to deal with the visible distress of my hospital visitors.

Only after I'd convinced the last friend to__22__could I direct my energies inwards. Flitting in and out of my line of vision during my hospital__23__was the Red Cross lady, a gentle__24__in white who, from time to time, popped her head in to__25__cups of tea. After the visitors had gone, she ventured further into my cubicle to__26__if I was all right.

I found myself__27__her everything: about the shock of the__28__, my feats for my family as a result of my injuries—about my whole life. While I__29__for an ambulance to transport me to another hospital, she stood by my trolley and__30__my hand as I off­loaded all the emotion I'd stoically withheld (强忍着的) from my family. She__31__, quiet and non­judgmental.

Even now, the__32__that I have her contact details provides me with great__33__. I look forward to a day in the not­too­distant future when my guardian angel and I can meet again, in__34__circumstances.

In times of crisis, faith can sustain us: for me, my faith in human nature, reawakened by the__35__of a stranger, has helped ease my journey back to recovery.

16.A.caught B.trapped

C.lost D.involved

17.A.imagined B.found

C.devoted D.dreamed

18.A.push B.force C.get D.turn

19.A.into B.onto C.off D.on

20.A.survived B.met C.beat D.feared

21.A.advised B.forced C.ordered D.helped

22.A.assist B.leave

C.participate D.come

23.A.stay B.visit

C.operation D.appointment

24.A.patient B.performance

C.presence D.physician

25.A.make B.offer C.drink D.take

26.A.claim B.consult C.conclude D.check

27.A.presenting B.showing

C.giving D.telling

28.A.accident B.incident C.event D.occasion

29.A.hoped B.prepared C.waited D.watched

30.A.held B.lent C.moved D.waved

31.A.puzzled B.doubted C.stopped D.listened

32.A.knowledge B.belief

C.power D.privilege

33.A.progress B.pride C.surprise D.comfort

34.A.unforeseen B.happier

C.strange D.extreme

35.A.sympathy B.strength C.kindness D.donation

第二部分 阅读理解(共20小题;每小题2分,满分40分)



It was the summer of 1965. Deluca, then 17, visited Peter Buck, a family friend. Buck asked Deluca about his plan for the future. “I'm going to college, but I need a way to pay for it,” Deluca recalls saying. “Buck said, ‘you should open a sandwich shop.’”

That afternoon, they agreed to be partners. And they set a goal: to open 32 stores in ten years. After doing some research, Buck wrote a check for $1,000. Deluca rented a storefront (店面) in Connecticut, and when they couldn't cover their start­up costs, Buck kicked in another $1,000.

But business didn't go smoothly as they expected. Deluca says, “After six months, we were doing poorly, but we didn't know how badly, because we didn't have any financial controls.” All he and Buck knew was that their sales were lower than their costs.

Deluca was managing the store and to the University of Bridgeport at the same time. Buck was working at his day job as a nuclear physicist in New York. They'd meet Monday evenings and brainstorm ideas for keeping the business running. “We convinced ourselves to open a second store. We figured we could tell the public, ‘We are so successful; we are opening a second store.’” And they did—in the spring of 1966. Still, it was a lot of learning by trial and error.

But the partners' learn­as­you­go approach turned out to be their greatest strength. Every Friday, Deluca would drive around and hand­deliver the checks to pay their supplies. “It probably took me two and a half hours and it wasn't necessary but as a result, the suppliers got to know me very well, and the personal relationships established really helped out,” Deluca says.

And having a goal was also important. “There are so many problems that can get you down. You just have to keep working toward your goal,” Deluca adds.

Deluca ended up founding Subways Sandwich, the multimillion­dollar restaurant chain.

36.Deluca opened the first sandwich shop in order to ________.

A.support his family

B.pay for his college education

C.help his partner expand business

D.do some research

37.Which of the following is true of Buck?

A.He put money into the sandwich business.

B.He was a professor of business administration.

C.He was studying at the University of Bridgeport.

D.He rented a storefront for Deluca.

38.What can we learn about their first shop?

A.It stood at an unfavorable place.

B.It lowered the prices to poor management.

C.It made no profits due to poor management.

D.It lacked control over the quality of sandwich.

39.What contributes most to their success according to the author?

A.Learning by trial and error.

B.Making friends with supplies.

C.Finding a good partner.

D.Opening chain stores.


I heard many parents complaining that their teenage children are rebelling. I wish it were so. At your age you ought to be growing away from your parents. You should be learning to stand on your own two feet. But take a good look at the present rebellion. It seems that teenagers are taking the same way of showing that they disagree with their parents. Instead of striking out boldly on their own, most of them are clutching (紧握) at one another's hands for reassurance.

They claim they want to dress as they please. But they all wear the same clothes. They set off in new directions in music. But somehow they all end up huddled (聚在一起) round listening to the same record. Their reason for thinking or acting in thus­and­such a way is that the crowd is doing it. They have come out of their cocoon (蚕茧) into a larger_cocoon.

It has become harder and harder for a teenager to stand up against the popularity wave and to go his or her own way. Industry has firmly carved out a teenage market. These days every teenager can learn from the advertisements what a teenager should have and be. And many of today's parents have come to award high marks for the popularity of their children. All this adds up to a great barrier for the teenager who wants to find his or her own path.

But the barrier is worth climbing over. The path is worth following. You may want to listen to classical music instead of going to a party. You may want to collect rocks when everyone else is collecting records. You may have some thoughts that you don't care to share at once with your classmates. Well, go to it. Find yourself. Be yourself. Popularity will come—with the people who respect you for who you are. That is the only kind of popularity that really counts.

40.In this passage, the author wants to tell ________.

A.teenagers to try to pursue their real selves

B.readers to try to be popular with people around

C.parents to try to control and guide their children

D.people to try to understand and respect each other

41.The author disapproves of rebelling teenagers ________.

A.growing away from their parents

B.following the popularity trend

C.walking a new way on their own

D.turning to their friends for help

42.The phrase “larger cocoon” at the end of the second paragraph refers to ________.

A.the distractive and variable society

B.the dazzling music world

C.the parental care and love

D.the popularity wave in the society

43.What does the author think of advertisements?

A.Convincing. B.Instructive.

C.Influential. D.Authoritative.


Beauty has always been regarded as something praiseworthy.Almost everyone thinks attractive people are happier and healthier,have better marriages and have more respectable occupations.Personal consultants give them better advice for finding jobs.Even judges are softer on attractive defendants(被告).But in the executive circle,beauty can become a liability.

While attractiveness is a positive factor for a man on his way up the executive ladder,it is harmful to a woman.

Handsome male executives were thought as having more integrity than plainer men;effort and ability were thought to account for their success.

Attractive female executives were considered to have less integrity than unattractive ones;their success was attributed not to ability but to factors such as luck.

All unattractive women executives were thought to have more integrity and to be more capable than the attractive female executives.Interestingly,though,the rise of the unattractive overnight successes was attributed more to personal relationships and less to ability than that of attractive overnight successes.

Why are attractive women not thought to be able?An attractive woman is thought to be more feminine and an attractive man more masculine(有男子气概的)than the less attractive ones.Thus,an attractive woman has an advantage in traditionally female jobs,but an attractive woman in a traditionally masculine position appears to lack the“masculine”qualities required.

This is true even in politics.“When the only clue is how he or she looks,people treat men and women differently,”says Anne Bowman,who recently published a study on the effects of attractiveness on political candidates.She asked 125 undergraduate students to rank two groups of photographs,one of men and one of women,in order of attractiveness.The students were told the photographs were of candidates for political offices.They were asked to rank them again,in the order they would vote for them.

The results showed that attractive males utterly defeated unattractive men,but the women who had been ranked most attractive invariably received the fewest votes.

44.The underlined word “liability”(in Para.1)most probably means “________”.

A.misfortune B.instability

C.disadvantage D.burden

45.In traditionally female jobs,attractiveness________.

A.reinforces(加强)the feminine qualities required

B.makes women look more honest and capable

C.is of primary importance to women

D.often enables women to succeed quickly

46.Bowman's experiment reveals that when it comes to politics,attractiveness________.

A.turns out to be an obstacle to men

B.affects men and women alike

C.has as little effect on men as on women

D.is more of an obstacle than a benefit to women

47.It can be inferred from the passage that people's views on beauty are often________.

A.practical B.prejudiced

C.old­fashioned D.pessimistic


Winners Club

You choose to be a winner!

The Winners Club is a bank account specially designed for teenagers. It has been made to help you better manage your money. The Winners Club is a transaction account(交易账户)where you receive a key­card so you can get to your money 24/7—that's 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

It's a club with impressive features for teenagers:

No account keeping fees!

You're no millionaire so we don't expect you to pay large fees. In fact, there are no account keeping or transaction fees!

Excellent interest rates!

You want your money to grow. The Winners Club has a good rate of interest which gets even better if you make at least two deposits(储蓄)without taking them out in a month.


Teenagers are busy—we get that. You may never need to come to a bank at all. With the Winners Club you can choose to use handy tellers and to bank from home using the phone and the Internet…You can have money directly deposited into your Winners Club account. This could be your pocket money or your pay from your part­time job!

Mega magazine included

Along with your regular report, you will receive a FREE magazine full of good ideas to make even more of your money. There are also fantastic offers and competitions only for Winners Club members.

The Winners Club is a great choice for teenagers. And it is so easy to join. Simply fill in an application form. You will have to get permission from your parent or guardian(so we can organize that cool key­card)but it is easy. We can't wait to hear from you. It's the best way to choose to be a winner!

48.The Winners Club is a bank account intended for ______________________________________________________.

A.parents B.teenagers

C.winners D.adults

49.Which of the following is TRUE about the Winners Club?

A.Special gifts are ready for parents.

B.The bank opens only on work days.

C.Services are convenient for its members.

D.Fees are necessary for the account keeping.

50.The Winners Club provides magazines which ________.

A.encourage spending

B.are free to all teenagers

C.are full of adventure stories

D.help to make more of your money

51.What is the purpose of this text?

A.To set up a club.

B.To provide part­time jobs.

C.To organize key­cards.

D.To introduce a new banking service.


Moving in with a boyfriend causes women to eat more unhealthily and put on weight. But the opposite is true for men, whose long­term health benefits when they move in with a female partner.

Dieticians at Newcastle University said both partners try to please one another, and so change their dietary habits to suit their other half.

It leads men to eat more light meals, such as salads, fruit and vegetables, while women choose to make creamier, heavier dishes like curry or rich pasta sauces, which may please their partner.

Women still have the strongest long­term influence over the couple's diet and lifestyle, as they still have the traditional role of shopper and cook in most households.

The report, by Newcastle University's Human Nutrition Research Centre, reviewed the finding of a variety of research projects from the UK, North America and Australia, which looked at the eating and lifestyle habits of couples.

The research shows that women are more likely to put on weight and increase their consumption of foods high in fat and sugar when they move in with their partner.

Women also use food as a comfort when dealing with emotional stress and have been found to gain weight when a relationship ends, while the same finding has not been observed in men.

Many couples reported food as being central to their partnership, and eating together in the evening was particularly important to many.

Report author and registered dietician Dr. Amelia Lake said, “The research has shown that your partner is a strong influence on lifestyle and people who are trying to live healthier lives should take this factor into consideration.”

52.According to the passage, moving in with a girlfriend, men ________.

A.have few changes of their dietary habits

B.have to eat more unhealthy foods

C.don't like foods high in fat and sugar at all

D.try to eat foods that their girlfriends like

53.The underlined word “light”(in Paragraph 3 ) probably means ________.

A.not very heavy      

B.less in fat and sugar

C.gentle      D.not serious or important

54.According to the report by Newcastle University's Human Nutrition Research Centre, ________.

A.women put on weight only because they want to suit their other half

B.when men are faced with emotional stress, they will change their dietary habits

C.eating together in the evening is a good way to communicate for couples

D.it is wrong to change your dietary habits to suit your partner

55.What would be the best title for the passage?

A.Don't be silly any more, women!

B.Which are better dietary habits?

C.Boyfriends make you fat

D.Dr. Amelia Lake and his study

第三部分 写作(共两节,满分35分)

第一节 短文填词(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)


May 4th, Friday Fine

This afternoon, on my way to see a film, I saw a case 56.f________ off a man’s bike. I shouted out to the man to stop him. But he didn’t hear me and 57.r________ away. I was wondering what to do 58.________ I had an idea. I stopped a taxi and got into it 59.w________ the case. Soon I caught up with the man. 60.G________ the case back, he was so 61.________(感激) that he offered me some money, but I refused it 62.________(礼貌). Then the driver drove me to the 63.________ (电影院). When I paid him, the driver pushed my hand 64.________ said with a smile, “Neither will I accept your money, because your behavior touches me.” With these 65.________, we said “Good­bye” to each other and went separately.











第二节 书面表达(满分25分)

假定你是李华,你的美国朋友Velinda 来信请你在寒假教她学习汉语。请根据以下要点,用英语给她写封回信。









Dear Velinda,

Glad to hear from you. I'd like to tell you what I have planned for your Chinese study.




Best wishes.

Li Hua




1.A 考查冠词用法。out of control失去控制;south这里是副词,其前不用冠词。

2.D 考查动词时态。根据句子中关键词last month可知属于过去的时态,再结合语境可知选择D项。句意:“最近你去哪儿了?”“上个月我到北京出差了一个星期。”

3.C 考查动词的时态。根据语境“我不知道。但是他今天上午在做作业”可知用过去进行时。

4.B 考查动词辨析。这里表示这个地方已经被两个陌生人占领了。conquer征服;occupy占据,占有,占领;possess拥有;own拥有。

5.D 考查倒装和非谓语动词。在so…that…结构中,若将“so+adj./adv.”置于句首,则其后的主句要用部分倒装。后一空格是独立主格结构。

6.B 考查特殊句式。句中有连词and,本题是“祈使句+and+简单句”结构,故选B。前面的祈使句也可以是名词(短语)。

7.C 考查交际用语。With pleasure表示乐意为别人提供帮助;Fine,thank you一般回答How are you;good idea表示对对方提议表示赞同;never mind表示自己对他人的打扰等不介意。根据语境可知C项正确。

8.C 考查代词it的用法。句意:由于当地政府的努力,大城市里的就业率持续升高。it代指前面提到的“the employment rate”,是单数,而them和those是复数。

9.B 考查虚拟语气。句意:“我把我的手包落在火车上了。但幸运的是,有人拾到交给了一个铁路职员。”“失而复得,简直难以置信!我是说,本来可能有人会偷了去。”will have done将来可以完成;must have done一定做过某事,表示对过去事情的肯定推测,都与题意不符。should have done本来应该做某事,而实际没做。might have done过去可能做过,语气比较婉转或不肯定,根据句意选B项。

10.C 考查介词短语辨析。句意:一个政府的成功应该根据其人民的健康和幸福以及其经济发展来衡量。in face of面对;in place of代替;in terms of根据,按照,就……来说;in line with与……一致。

11.B 考查定语从句。句意:我和我的朋友走上山顶,在那里我们欣赏了湖的美景。where引导非限制性定语从句,并在从句中作地点状语,其先行词为the top of the hill。

12.B 考查状语从句。before“在……之前;到……才;来不及”;until表示“直到……才……”时,谓语动作到……会结束。而“it will be+时间段+before”表示“要多久才会……”,符合句意。

13.B 考查主谓一致及时态。句意:这家人有一部分出去度假了。他们应该在本月底回来。family这里指家人,再根据后面的“They are”选B项。

14.C 考查形容词比较级。这里用“the+比较级,the+比较级”结构表示“越……就越……”。从语境和选项看,只有C项正确。

15.A 考查名词性从句。此处whoever =anyone who 引导主语从句,而whomever在句子中是作宾语。no matter who只引导状语从句。


16.D be involved in“被卷入”,本句的意思是“我开的车和另一辆车在一条乡村小道上发生了严重的碰撞”,车辆发生车祸,一般用be involved in。be caught in“遇上,遭遇到”;be trapped in“被困在”,用于本句时主语不对,要用I;be lost in “迷失”。故选D。

17.B 上文说到严重车祸,那么作为司机的“我”(昏迷醒来后)发现(find)自己……

18.C 一个巨大的开罐器把“我”从撞毁了的汽车里拖出来,故选get。get sb. out of sth.是常用搭配。

19.A “我”从汽车中被拖出来后,又被送到救护车里(into)。

20.A survive death 死里逃生,

21.D 注意整个长句表达的意思:我知道从死亡的边缘幸存下来了,这让我撑过了急诊室里漫长的等待,同时也帮助(help)我应付到医院来看望我的人的悲伤。

22.B 只有在“我”确信最后一个朋友离开(leave)了,“我”才能把我的注意力集中在医院内部。

23.A stay表示短时间的逗留、停留,这里表示在“我”住院期间,本句正常语序是the Red Cross lady was flitting in and out of my line of vision during my hospital stay. 在“我”住院期间,一个红十字会的女士在“我”的面前进进出出。

24.C gentle presence表示“举止温和”。

25.B 在病房中端茶送水。

26.D 从上文可以看出,“她”的工作就是陪护,所以在访友走后,她要来检查(“我”的情况。)

27.D 从下文的描述可以得知,在“我”住院期间我和她谈了很多事:对于车祸的震惊,车祸受伤后“我”对待家人的方式,还有“我”生活的一切。

28.A 注意选项的区别:accident事故;incident事情;event事件;occasion场合。

29.C 救护车要送“我”到另一家医院,她站在“我”的推车旁,握着“我”的手听我倾诉,这些事应该是在快要离开这家医院时发生的。

30.A 参见上题解析。

31.D 从上文的叙述中可以得知,她照顾病人很用心,对于“我”的情感发泄会“倾听”。

32.A knowledge (n.)知识,学问;知道,了解。“我”和她接触交流,形成了“我”对自己伤势的了解。that I have her contact details是knowledge同位语从句。

33.D 病人和陪护人员之间的沟通给“我”很大的“宽慰”。

34.B 既然是再次相逢,当然是等“我”伤愈了这样一个“更加快乐”的氛围中了。

35.C 注意与开头的呼应,被一个陌生人的“友善”唤醒。



36.B 细节理解题。由第一段关键句“I'm going to college, but I need a way to pay for it”可知其目的是为了支付大学的费用。

37.A 由第二段关键句“Buck wrote a check for $1000”和“Buck kicked in another $1000.”可知Buck是投资人,他投入了很多运转资金。

38.C 推理判断题。由第三段的内容描述可判断出他们的第一家商店由于经营不善,入不敷出。

39.A 推理判断题。总结全文故事发展脉络,根据第四段最后一句话“Still, it was a lot of learning by trial and error.”可推出他们取得成功的主要原因在于他们的坚持不懈,反复尝试。


40.A 主旨大意题。文章首先分析了青少年从众这一不良现象,然后告诉我们,要想有所作为,青少年应该有自己的特色,并分析了其意义和困难,由此可见,关键词就是teenagers。故选A。

41.B 推理判断题。由文章可知,作者并不赞成青少年从众。

42.D 词义猜测题。这是对上文的“…wear the same clothes,…they all end up huddled (聚在一起) round listening to the same record”的比喻,指的就是社会上的流行波。

43.C 推理判断题。倒数第二段作者说“All this adds up to a great barrier for the teenager who wants to find his or her own path.”All this就包括前文说的广告(advertisements),也就是说作者认为,广告对青少年的流行波是有影响的,故选C。


44.C 词义猜测题。前文都在讲美丽给人们带来的优势,但该句中出现了but,可知liability是“缺点,劣势”的意思,所以选择C。

45.A 细节理解题。根据倒数第三段的最后一句可知答案为A。

46.D 推理判断题。根据最后一段可知调查的结果表明,人们更倾向于选择漂亮的男士,而最漂亮的女士得票最少。所以选D项。

47.B 推理判断题。根据作者在全文中所表达的意思可知,人们对于美的观点有所偏见。


48.B 细节理解题。从第一段第一句话即可得知答案为B。

49.C 细节理解题。从Convenient一段可知the Winners Club的服务对于它的成员来说是方便的,不需要去银行,通过电话或在网络上就可以操作。

50.D 细节理解题。从文中信息句you will receive a FREE magazine full of good ideas to make even more of your money.可知答案为D。

51.D 推理判断题。本文介绍了一种针对青少年的存款账户,重点介绍了该账户的几个优点。


52.D 细节理解题。由第三段,特别是which may please their partner可知,男女双方会改变自己的饮食习惯来迎合对方, 因此男士会吃他的女伴喜欢吃的食物。

53.B 词义猜测题。由其后所举的例子salads, fruit and vegetables可推断,light 在此意为“清淡的”,即脂肪和糖的含量比较少。

54.C 推理判断题。根据倒数第二段可知C项正确。根据倒数第三段可知女士增肥不仅是因为迎合了对方的口味,还有缓解情绪的原因,故A项错误;根据倒数第三段最后while the same finding has not been observed in men可知B项错误;D项文中没有提及。

55.C 主旨大意题。C项幽默风趣,能吸引读者的注意, 并切中文章的主题。



【要点综述】 本文是一篇日记,讲述了作者在去看电影的路上做好事的经过。

56.fall 本题考查动词的用法。根据上下文可知箱子从自行车上掉下来。

57.rode 本题考查动词的用法。根据上文可知,失主是骑自行车的,因此用“ride”。

58.when 本题考查连词的用法。“when”在此含有“正在那时;突然的”意思。

59.with 本题考查介词的用法。作者带着箱子进了出租车。

60.Getting 本题考查动词非谓语形式的用法。现在分词在此作时间状语。

61.thankful /grateful 本题考查形容词的拼写。

62.politely 本题考查副词的拼写。

63.cinema 本题考查名词的拼写。

64.and 本题考查连词的用法。

65.words 本题考查语境填词。句意为:说完这些话后,我们互道再见。


One possible version:



We can begin our Chinese class in my study at 3 pm every Tuesday during the winter holiday. The class lasts until 5 o'clock. In the class, we will practice spoken Chinese. I will teach you some beautiful Chinese songs, including popular and folk ones, which can help you learn and remember Chinese words more easily. What's more, I'd like to introduce some Chinese festivals to you, such as the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival and the Mid­Autumn Festival. Luckily, we will celebrate two important Chinese festivals mentioned above during this winter holiday.

I believe you can improve your Chinese and we'll have a good time together.



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